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With nominations for critics- and audience-favorites like Orphan Black and Parenthood, the Golden Globe TV nominations offered a corrective to the most recent Emmy nominations. This is more like it.

Tatiana Maslany was nominated, for instance, in the drama category for her virtuosic work on BBC America's Orphan Black, playing multiple clones. In the supporting category, Monica Potter was given a nod for Parenthood, and Hayden Panettiere got deserved recognition for being the best thing about Nashville. Zooey Deschanel's work on New Girl, a show shut out from the Emmys, was recognized. Rob Lowe's wacky work as a plastic surgeon in Behind the Candelabra --- one of the few elements of that film not to be singled out by the Emmys, who went for Scott Bakula, who wore no hilariously awful makeup at all --was given a tip of the hat, as was Corey Stoll's career-making performance on House of Cards.

That's not to say the television nominations were perfect. While you can argue that Homeland deserved to be shut out of any recognition for its wonky third season, it's harder to make the case for the lack of any (at all!) nominations for Mad Men. You may want to replace House of Cards in the drama category with Orange Is the New Black. You may feel compelled to bemoan the fact that Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory still have a place in the comedy race. (Of note: only one actor on Modern Family got a nomination, Sofia Vergara. In past years the Globes have not been as enamored with this show as the Emmys have.) 

Of course, one of the reasons the TV nominations look so good is that there are some new shows in the race that weren't eligible for Emmy nominations. Masters of Sex, for instance, had two nominations, one in the drama category and one for lead actor Michael Sheen. Meanwhile, Taylor Schilling entered the actress race for Orange Is the New Black, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine established itself in a big way, getting a spot in the comedy lineup and a nod for Andy Samberg. 

It's very likely that the lauded Breaking Bad could pick up some of the many farewell trophies it's going to score until its time runs out, which wouldn't make too many people angry. But the new (and old but under-awarded) names and shows on the Globes' list is encouraging. 


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