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Television awards races can often be predictable when you have repeat heavy hitters like Breaking BadMad Men, or Modern Family in contention, but some new players could most definitely have an impact on the Globes race that weren't a factor in the Emmys. 

Now there are of course shows that didn't make an impact on the Emmy race that may break through here: The Americans was one notable Emmy shut out. There's also a small but loud choir singing the praises of Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. But there are also some shows that have a chance to break into this Globes race that are completely new to the TV awards scene, since the Globes looks shows in the 2013 calendar year. 

There's some space in the comedy race to be filled.  For the past two years, the HFPA has had something of a thing for Matt LeBlanc's comedy Episodes, but with no new episodes in the last calendar year, it's most definitely out. Perhaps more notably: Though 30 Rock collected a bunch of swan song nominations at the SAG awards, it looks like it may not be able to do so at the Globes, whose rules say that only programs that have aired a minimum of six segments during the calendar year are eligible. 30 Rock only aired five in 2013. We've reached out to confirm that Globes host Tina Fey's much-loved brainchild will not be partaking in this race, but according to Daniel Fienberg of HitFix it's a no-go. (Update: Its ineligibility has been confirmed!) The drama race—which will honor the final episodes of Breaking Bad—looks a lot more secure, even as new shows jockey for some of those spots. 

What's New 

Orange Is the New Black

Netflix's beloved prison dramedy got no love at the SAG awards, but many (us included) are still hoping that it gets its due at the Globes. The show was not eligible for the most recent Emmy race, having premiered after the cut off. Perhaps its biggest hurdle is the fact that no one knows really where to place it. Though the Writers Guild categorized it as a comedy, its running as a drama at the Globes where it faces stiff competition from stalwarts Breaking Bad, which will be nominated for its final eight episodes. Even though the HFPA never loved Bad as much as its audience did, it seems very highly unlikely that it won't factor in here. Hold out hope though: the HFPA can be erratic in its TV choices.

Masters of Sex 

Of all the new shows gunning for awards this time around, Masters of Sex might have the best chances. Sexy (quite literally) period drama with a whole host of great actors. We almost expect Michael Sheen's turn as William Masters to get a nomination, and are rooting for Lizzy Caplan's work as Virginia Johnson to get recognized.

The Blacklist

Though not a critical darling, NBC's big hit might have an impact because of its not-so-secret weapon, James Spader. The caveat, however: During Spader's The Practice/Boston Legal run he was much more beloved by the television Academy than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Still,  this is just the kind of splashy, hammy performance that the HFPA might fall head over heels for, even if it's not quite yet a phenomenon. 

The Rest

It's hard to know where the comedy categories could go, especially since they seem less locked up. (Remember: Smash could still be nominated as it was last year.)  We would love to see shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Trophy Wife worm their way in there—and other new comedies like Mom, The Crazy Ones, and The Goldbergs might vie for spots—but it's also worth nothing that the HFPA makes bizarre (foreign-seeming) choices. Might Hello Ladies find a place? How about some nominations Ricky Gervais' Derek, which aired on Netflix, which Fienberg brings up? (The Globes are prone to forgiving Gervais.) As for drama: there's speculation that Ray Donovan might break through.

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