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As Paul Walker's fans and family continue reeling from the actor's untimely death this weekend, police are investigating the fiery, single-car crash the killed him and the apparent driver, Roger Rodas. According to TMZ and CNN, investigators have received a phone tip that Rodas and Walker were engaged in a high-speed street race with another vehicle—an eerie end for an actor who came to prominence as the star of the street-racing Fast and Furious franchise.

Still, details of the crash remain fairly scarce. At some point after leaving a charity event on Saturday afternoon, Rodas's 2005 Porsche Carrera GT spun out of control, struck a light pole, and burst into flames in the California community of Valencia. Early reports said no other cars were involved, but TMZ points out that the crash site, about 30 miles north of Hollywood, is a common one for street-racing. The crash site shows tire skid marks suggesting the vehicle was doing doughnut spins. Those marks may not be related to the crash, investigators warn, but all signs point to speed as having been a major factor in the accident:

"We just know that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed," Sgt. Brian Allen of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station told the local news. "Between the skid marks and the damage to the vehicle, it appears as though the vehicle was traveling at a very significant rate of speed."

Here's a glimpse of the immediate aftermath of that crash:

Fans, meanwhile, paid tribute to the late actor yesterday by gathering and laying flowers at the site of the wreck.

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