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Clement Clarke Moore's 200-year-old work"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" is resilient, and surprisingly malleable. Over the years, dozens of actors, musicians, and comedians have put their own spin on the Christmas classic. Below you'll find a few of my favorite takes—some faithful, some decidedly less so. 

For the classicist: Perry Como reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" 

If "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" is synonymous with a roaring fire, a mug full of hot chocolate, and the nervous anticipation of presents, this is the version for you. 

For the stoner: Wayne Coyne reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" (with backing from Steven Drozd)

Although certainly not as strange as it could be—Coyne and Drozd made Zaireeka, after all—the two Flaming Lips bring a sense of silliness and fun to what is sometimes a stodgy affair. 

For the alternative comedy fan: Philly Boy Roy reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Philly Style) on The Best Show on WFMU"

Although The Best Show on WFMU sadly ended its incredible 13 year run last week, it lives on in its sizable archives. This clip, which features Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, rocker Kurt Vile, and host Tom Scharpling, is the show at its best. 

WFMU's Best Show Gems with Tom Scharpling from 12/23/2013

For the hip hop fan: "Christmas in Hollis" by Run-DMC

Because the best way to improve on the original is to have Santa Claus drop his wallet in Queens. 

For the book lover: Penguin authors read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" 
A star-studded and, um, eclectic group of Penguin authors, including Emma Thompson, Jaime Oliver, Colm Toibin, and Malcolm Gladwell, take on Moore's classic. 

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