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Deadline has a report of a rather brazen act of attempted sabotage against the Oscar chances of Best Original Song contender "Young and Beautiful," moaned so memorably in The Great Gatsby by ironically-enjoyed chanteuse Lana Del Rey.

Per Deadline...

I’m told by a reliable source that an anonymous enveolpe [sic] was mailed to members of the Academy music selection committee, complete with a printout from an online article that made the bogus assertion the Grammy-nominated Lana Del Rey song Young And Beautiful was disqualified for Best Song over a technicality involving the film’s changed release date.

Such claims are, of course, untrue. "Young and Beautiful," despite its unfortunate and hilarious Golden Globe snub, is very much on the 75-song list of songs eligible for Oscar. That there has apparently been an effort to inform Oscar voters otherwise is a remarkably specific bit of skullduggery.

So how does one join such an effort?

No, that would be terrible. What an awful thing if the underhanded actions of isolated troublemakers were to damage the Oscar chances of such a tuneless dirge from such a ridiculous film. Heaven forbid this happen. Bad letter-mailers! Very bad!

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