Susan Sarandon Is Probably High Right Now

Today in celebrity gossip: Celebrated actress Susan Sarandon loves to get high before awards shows, Damian Lewis has sorrrta apologized to Ian McKellen, and Justin Bieber fell off his skateboard.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Celebrated actress Susan Sarandon loves to get high before awards shows, Damian Lewis has sorrrta apologized to Ian McKellen, and Justin Bieber fell off his skateboard.

Among the many privileges afforded to a 67-year-old recipient of countless prestigious honors in his or her professional field, the best is that you can go on a basic cable talk show and talk about getting SO high. This week, Susan Sarandon took advantage of this perk in a big way when she appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and playfully admitted that she smokes weed before "almost all [awards shows] except the Oscars." Which, oh good, let's definitely preserve the integrity of an awards ceremony that once named Crash Best Picture. All other awards shows, though? Pass-ah the ganja. Susan Sarandon is a national treasure, basically. [Daily Mail]

Apparently it's not only the awards shows for which actors need to dull the pain, but sometimes the actual ACTING also. As Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan recently revealed to Chelsea "Lately" Handler, she had to get "hammered" via vodka before filming all her sex scenes on True Blood. Just so we're all clear here, Lizzy Caplan was tasked with rolling around in bed naked with Ryan Kwanten and needed to get drunk beforehand? You know, that honestly does make sense. I haven't done any personal studies in this area, but it seems very plausible that finding oneself naked in front of a TOO-attractive person could be an absolute nightmare? Yes, let's go with that. Naked Ryan Kwanten drives people to drink. Anyway, burying the lede here: Lizzy Caplan has always been great and remains great to this day. [Us Magazine]

And now here's your THIRD consecutive celebrity coping mechanism story: Occasional celebrity LeAnn Rimes recently told Entertainment Tonight that she had to fantasize about sex in order to refrain from sobbing onstage during her recent Patsy Cline tribute. Um, okay! There seems to be A LOT going on in that scenario, but it's fine. You do you, LeAnn Rimes. [Entertainment Tonight]

Do you know who Lorde is? I mean, maybe you do, maybe you don't. I can't be sure, I'm not psychic about whether or not you know who Lorde is. But real quick: She's 17, she's from New Zealand, her whole image has a sort of creepy goth-pop vibe, and she released what may be one of this year's best albums, Pure Heroine (this is just a good jam right here). The reason she's being discussed here is because a few months ago Lorde openly criticized a terrible Selena Gomez song as "anti-feminist" which served to mobilize a group of young musicians (including Joe Jonas and Cher Lloyd) to criticize Lorde in return. All this drama has slightly tarnished Lorde's reputation in that previously she'd seemed so eerily mature and above-it-all for a young pop singer, but nope! Turns out she's still just a 17-year-old, stirring up drama with the girls in the school yard. So anyway, UPDATE: Lorde recently dined with Taylor Swift. Big deal, right? Taylor Swift has always made a habit of friend-collecting every du jour celebrity she can get her paws on. BUT Taylor Swift is famously besties with none other than Selena Gomez, so what does it all MEAAAANNN? Probably nothing, nevermind. [Daily Mail]

Celebrity feuds aren't limited to teenage girls, though! Recently, Homeland's Damian Lewis threw major shade at Sir Ian McKellen when he joked that, had he remained merely a stage performer, he'd have ended up a "fruity actor" destined to play wizards. Now, that's a pretty specific type of person, so Lewis could have only been referencing McKellen or, perhaps, Michael "Dumbledore" Gambon, right? Right. Fortunately McKellen took the high road and responded that he was proud of his career and "fruity voice". So now, of course, Lewis has responded to that response: "I am hugely embarrassed that comments of mine have been linked in a negative way to Sir Ian McKellen." You know, good. Let's get this resolved and move on. But make no mistake, this was not an apology. Lewis implied that his description of a "fruity" "wizard" was NOT a specific reference to McKellen or Gambon, when it most definitely was. But also, why are you calling anybody, even a straw man, "fruity"? Knock it off, Damian Lewis. [Daily Mail]

Whoops, back 2 teenz! Ashley Benson, one of the stars of ABC Family's highest rated, Agatha Christie-on-ritalin mystery series Pretty Little Liars, has publicly denounced the amount of photoshopping she and her castmates have been subjected to in their newest ads. Which, sure, no duh. What's new about that phenomenon, exactly? Still though, it's straight-up brave for Ashley Benson to be speaking truth to power like this. What do you think is going on here? I'm no Nikki Finke, but it sounds like somebody reaaaally wants to leave their TV series. And you know what? As long as Ashley Benson promises to continue to appear in movies as incredible as Spring Breakers, I think we as a society should allow it. Follow your muse, girl. [People]

Gossip Girl here (am I doing this right?)... Two stars of Gossip Girl aren't speaking anymore. Specifically Leighton Meester and Blake Lively. They aren't speaking. Sorry you had to find out this way. Also, remember when Gossip Girl ended up being a man? Holy moly. [Radar Online]

Today in Unsurprising Ryan Seacrest News: A man in assless unmentionables was arrested outside Seacrest's Christmas party where he had been doing the running man to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." There is video. [TMZ]

And now, finally: Justin Bieber falling off of a skateboard. Have a great weekend!

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