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When the ball drops in Times Square, the curtain will drop on cable channel SOAPnet. You'll have to find another place to watch your Beverly Hills, 90210s (the original version, not that CW thing), Gilmore Girls and All My Childrens.

 SOAPnet, owned by Disney, was actually supposed to go off the air last year, to be replaced by Disney Junior. But Disney Junior launched almost two years ago and SOAPnet stuck around anyway. According to the LA Times, cable and satellite TV providers didn't want to drop the network for fear of enraging passionate soap fans.

But now that the number of daytime soaps have dwindled to just four and Disney Junior's ratings have been strong with the preschool set, Disney has told the 66 million homes that still carry the channel that it's definitely ending things tonight.

While SOAPnet's Twitter account is still tweeting away, its website is already down. One viewer reported on SOAPnet's Facebook page that the channel was already gone in her area, replaced by TBN, a Christian channel that doesn't have any soap operas at all.

There will be no secret island. There will be no presumed dead but actually alive and with a convenient case of amnesia. There will be no waking up to find SOAPnet alive and in the shower. There will be no poisoned peanut butter pancakes that kill it but then an evil doctor who brings it back to life but keeps it in a coma for two years until it escapes but is then put in a mental hospital where Erica Kane finally rescues it.

If you want to relive SOAPnet's glory days before it dies, Soap Opera Network has a nice history of the channel, while People put up a list of five "SOAPnet staples" it would miss.

I'm so sorry, @LisaAnn_23.




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