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Regis Philbin, Twitter's newest celebrity newbie, had a somewhat baffling first tweet on Monday: 

We do not know why Regis would like votes (it could be for a real reason, and that reason could be lame), but we would like to vote for Regis. He seems to be still getting the hang of a lot of other Twitter skills, so we thought we could help him out a little. If you'd like to vote for Regis, do so below: 

That was fun / important. If you want to tell other people to vote for Regis too, we're even going to be super helpful there, too: 

Boom. Regis for the win.

Note: Voting for Regis here doesn't actually do anything, aside from voting for Regis. But that's OK. When, or if we discover what Regis wants you to actually vote for, we probably won't tell you. 

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