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Besides record iTunes sales,  Beyoncé's new album may have inspired more think pieces than any single cultural phenomenon before it. There are more ideas than there are journalists to write them, as New York magazine's Adriana Nova proved with this afternoon's #BeyonceThinkPiece hash tag. Hate-Inspired by Slate's "Why Does Beyoncé's New Album Ignore Gay Fans?"the think piece that broke the camel's back—Nova and Black Twitter laid into the tidal wave of increasingly ridiculous trend stories upholding and/or criticizing Beyoncé's feminism, her songs and their deeper meanings, her outfits, and whatever else seems click worthy. 

The problem is, half of the jokey suggestions sound like real pieces, and half of the real pieces (at least the headlines) seem a little silly when you consider how much effort they put into analyzing a pop album. So here are a few real Beyoncé Think Pieces*, mixed in with Twitter suggestions. Click the link to see if you guessed correctly:

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