Who Gets More Screen Time Than Godzilla in the 'Godzilla' Trailer?

The first trailer for director Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot/remake/please-don't-mention-the-1998-one is out, and the monster is, of course, kept mostly out of sight. Which members of the eclectic cast get more screen time?

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A trailer dropped today for next year's Godzilla reboot and aside from the fact that this vague trailer actually looks pretty cool, it shows off the movie's wealth of character actors. Though the trailer probably does not accurately reflect how much screen time each of these players has in the film, we decided to break down just how much time each gets.

Ken Watanabe: 0:01

Sally Hawkins: 0:01

Bryan Cranston: 0:01

Juliette Binoche: 0:03 (0:02 of which is partially obscured by a mask).

Elizabeth Olsen: 0:03

Godzilla: 0:04 (with an additional 0:07 where the creature is almost entirely obscured by smoke/debris).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: 0:08 face time (0:06 of which is just his eyes)

David Strathairn: 0:05 face time; 0:40 voice time 

Congratulations, then, to David Strathairn, the star of 2014's Godzilla!

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