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The sex scene that was shown before a screening of Frozen in Florida was probably from Dallas Buyers Club, but likely false reports that it was a trailer for Nymphomaniac is only good for Lars von Trier's crazy sex movie. 

Reports emerged yesterday that a sexually explicit scene accidentally played before a screening of the Disney musical Frozen at a Regal Cinemas in Florida. After picking up a story from Fox 13 News, Gawker's Neetzan Zimmerman added a link to a story from UK site Mosh News in which a "reader" said it was the very explicit trailer for Nymphomaniac. Now, that was likely not the case. A representative for Magnolia Pictures, the distributor of Nymphomaniac, told The Wrap's L.A. Ross that it is "extremely unlikely it was anything from Nymphomaniac." The trailer is only available online and wasn't sent to exhibitors, the rep said, meaning that "it would’ve had to been uploaded from the internet and repurposed by a particularly twisted projectionist."

The Tampa Bay Times' Steve Persall wrote that "spokesman for Regal Cinemas called it 'an isolated incident' caused when a 'wrong movie' was started, suggesting it might have been the R-rated Dallas Buyers Club, which begins with Matthew McConaughey's character having sex with two women in a rodeo stall." That makes a whole lot more sense. 

That said, the rumor that the Nymphomaniac trailer showed before Frozen is great business for Nymphomaniac. The campaign for the film, which doesn't even have a U.S. release date yet, has been brilliant. There have been suggestive posters, clips from "chapters" of the film—which has a five and a half hour director's cut—have been released over the course of months, and finally, there was that trailer that just went there. And by "there," we mean "the whoring bed." If the Nymphomaniac images had shown before Frozen, it would have fully completed the image the marketing team is trying to create that Von Trier's sexy sexy sex times are infiltrating every cinematic orifice. (Sorry.) In fact, Magnolia jumped on the Gawker story tweeting out the link with a big Nymphomaniac hashtag:  

Magnolia's rep implied that was more a "tongue-in-cheek" gesture, according to Ross. It was also great advertising. 

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