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Nikki Finke is the stuff of Hollywood legends. What if she were the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters?

In the wake of Finke's fallout with her own site and its owner Jay Penske, a parody from Funny or Die imagines what the big Finke movie would be like. The trailer for a sadly not real film titled—what else—Deadline posits that famously reclusive Finke (played here by Jean Smart) is actually a regular old mom, who does her blogging in secret. Things get a little nuts—explosions, Nikki body doubles—when she goes to war with Jay Penske. The creators Jody Lambert and Matt Oberg told Entertainment Weekly they used Valerie Plame movie Fair Game for inspiration. 

Perhaps the best part of the video, however, is how it sharply pokes fun at some of the reporting that was the lifeblood of Finke's Deadline. There are jokes about Mandy Patinkin switching agents and the difference between single-cam and multi-cam sitcoms. Christina Applegate cameos as herself getting passed over for the role of Billie Jean King. Who does care that Pierce Brosnan left his manager? 

Of course, we did come close to having an actual Nikki Finke TV show: HBO filmed a pilot in 2011 called Tilda, starring Diane Keaton as a Finke-like figure. Willa Paskin recently wrote that the show "doesn't really work." 


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