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Peak Ron Burgundy fatigue will have to be delayed: Will Ferrell's hour-long in-character SportsCenter hosting bid has been cancelled. Blame the sexual assault investigation of a college football player.

The 420,318,184,134th appearance to promote Anchorman 2, scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow, was called off after the Florida state attorney's office announced it would reveal the findings of its investigation into sexual assault accusations made against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston at 2 pm.

Winston, who was voted Atlantic Coast Conference's offensive and overall player of the year today, its rookie of the year yesterday and is the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy, was accused of raping another FSU student nearly a year ago -- though his case wasn't turned over to the state attorney until last month, after a Tampa Bay Times reporter began making inquiries. Winston's lawyer told the Miami Herald he thought the police closed the case back in February.

Through his attorney, Winston admitted to having sex with the woman, but said it was consensual. The alleged victim's family believes the police swept the case under rug to protect the school's star player.

The state's attorney will tell us if Winston will be charged in the matter or not. Either way, it's a safe bet that ESPN will have more serious matters to deal with in the following hours than an hour-long commercial for a movie.




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