The Most Bizarre Things that Americans Will Drop on New Year's Eve

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Americans are really into dropping stuff. And what better way to ring out 2013 and welcome 2014 than by tossing a possum or two?

This goes deeper than Ryan Seacrest and a giant sparkling ball slowly falling in the middle of New York City's Times Square hell-pit. All around the country, towns are getting ready to drop some really, truly bizarre stuff.

Here are some of the highlights.

Animals, Real and Imagined

  • Tallapoosa, Ga., will be dropping the traditional stuffed possum at midnight. It's name is Spencer, and PETA isn't a big fan of the endeavor.
  • After a North Carolina judge decided to let the event proceed despite PETA's protests, a captured possum in a plastic box will drop in Brasstown at midnight. This live possum drop has happened every year for two decades.
  • Marshall P. Muskrat, who is a stuffed muskrat, will soar over downtown Princess Anne, Md., on a zip line at midnight.
  • Chuck, a 6-foot-tall fake chicken, will drop in Delta, Ohio, at midnight. "We couldn't do a live one," says Mabel Hudson, a committee chairman. "We would have had PETA out here."
  • A giant fake sardine will drop from a building in downtown Eastport, Maine.
  • A hog sculpture will drop in Fayetteville, Ark.
  • A 600-pound, 20-foot fiberglass fish named Wylie Walleye will drop in Port Clinton, Ohio. "When we're going down I-75, the truck drivers are talking about Wylie the Walleye," says the fish's handler.
  • Beavertown, Pa., drops a ... stuffed beaver. Of course.

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Foodstuffs and Fruit

  • Plymouth, Wis., will drop the "big cheese" at midnight.
  • A bit earlier in the evening, a doughnut will drop in Hagerstown, Md.'s public square.
  • Miami will do something of a reverse drop, sending its "Big Orange" up the city's Hotel InterContinental.
  • A pineapple will drop in Sarasota, Fla. Catch video of a recent drop here.
  • A giant peanut M&M and a giant peach will drop in Atlanta. Why an M&M? Because not even the wholesome New Year's holiday drop can escape corporate sponsorship.
  • Here's a particularly fun event: Vincennes, Ind., will drop 14 watermelons at midnight, with "entertainment" from "comedian" Gallagher who is known as being funny for smashing watermelons with a mallet. Before the drop, there will be a Gallagher look-alike contest.
  • A massive, glowing pickle will drop before midnight in Mount Olive, N.C.
  • A 75-pound, light-up Peep will drop in Bethlehem, Pa.
  • A giant, foam potato will drop in Boise, Idaho. The potato cost $10,000 to make.

If that's not enough for you, there are always your nonfood, nonanimal options. Like in Key West, Fla., where a drag queen named Sushi will drop while sitting inside of a very large shoe. Happy New Year!

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