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Spike Jonze's acclaimed upcoming film Her has gotten yet another prestigious seal of approval: a thumbs-up from from the girl known across the meme universe as "her?" 

Actress Mae Whitman, whose Arrested Development role as unimpressive Ann Veal has essentially gifted her with pop-cultural ownership of the word "her" ("...her?"),  has bestowed her endorsement on Jonze's film. 

Now, it's not like Whitman was the first one to make this connection. As far back as May, Alan Sepinwall of HitFix tweeted: "Sadly, not listed in the cast. RT : This upcoming Spike Jones movie “Her” is about Ann Veal, right?" Still, Whitman's response is immensely satisfying. And a good sign for Her. You know the saying: the road to Oscar goes through Egg.

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