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Kanye West's "Bound 2," the Yeezus track that raised eyebrows with an aggressively sexual (but still kind of boring) video featuring West's beau Kim Kardashian, is now the subject of a lawsuit. 

Ricky Spicer, who sang with the 1970s group Ponderosa Twins Plus One, has filed a claim against West and others (Roc-A-Fella Records, Island Def-Jam Music, Rhino Entertainment and Universal Music Group) for allegedly sampling his voice in the song's refrain without permission. Spicer says "Bound," below, was recorded by the group when he was twelve-years-old: 

The song is liberally sampled in Yeezy's "Bound 2," below: 

The New York Daily News reports that Spicer is seeking compensation, or for West to cease and desist using his voice in the song. 

West has already faced lawsuits over allegedly sampling songs without permission, including for using a track in his hit single "Gold Digger." A local Cleveland paper reports that Chuck Brown, Sr., whose record label put out the song in 1971, felt "honored" by the sample. 

James Franco and Seth Rogen, who released their own sensual take on the song's video, are not involved in this story at all but we would like to take this opportunity to point you to "Bound 3" anyway:

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