June 2013 Was a Nice Month for a Red Wedding

Our month-by-month retrospective of 2013 continues with June, when the blurred lines of the Stark-Frey alliance were devoured like so many cronuts.

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The Year That Was, 2013 is far too large of a topic to tackle all at once, even when only focusing on the pop culture aspects. Breaking things down month-by-month feels like the smarter call. We'll be working our way through the year one month at a time, remembering the songs, films, TV, and other fun/horrifying stuff that we may well have already forgotten.

June 2013

The #1 Song

Next year, Beyoncé willing, we will not have to speak of Robin Thicke in December 2014's look back at the year. But this 2013, and "Blurred Lines" shared the number-one spot on the charts in June, overtaking Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Can't Hold Us" for the beginning of a reign at the top that lasted until early September. This surely shows up somewhere in Revelations as an End Times tribulation.

The #1 Movie

Zach Snyder's reboot of the Superman franchise dominated the June box office, despite having been cleaved in twain by the critics over its merits. Man of Steel is a serious Superman film, and a departure in tone from previous incarnations of the superhero. Either way, get used to it: a sequel is coming, complete with Ben Affleck as the caped crusader.

The Month in TV

Let's get right to it: June, traditionally the apex of Wedding Season, was appropriately the month of the Red Wedding. Those two words can still elicit a jaw drop from Game of Thrones fans (at least, those who didn't read the books first) six months after it aired. Twitter's collective reaction to the violent lynchpin of George R.R Martin's storyline was something to behold, not to mention the actual moment of television itself.

A handful of other Summer Television regulars got started in June, as well. Because summer nights love a good paranormal serial, Teen Wolf came back for a slightly more self-aware (but nonetheless engaging) third season, and True Blood continued to be just good/bonkers enough to earn a seventh and final season.

June was also super great month for straight-up death. The Killing (paradoxically, the Lazarus of current television) began its third season. And Dexter's final season began as well. While the end of the latter series earned a reception about as warm as a morgue storage room, there was still hope back in June. Speaking of death, remember Under the Dome? That happened, too. 

The Month in Butter

In May, you couldn't wait to wait in line for cronuts. In June, you didn't understand why anybody waited in line for cronuts, anyway, so you — or rather, we — went ahead and waited in line to see what the fuss was all about. (Disclosure: people still wait in line for cronuts). Meanwhile things got uncomfortable for Paula Deen. Deen lost her job at the Food Network after a lawsuit accused the celebrity chef of building her corporate empire with the secret ingredient of racism.

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