Journalist Pretended to Be a Priest to Sneak Into Michael Schumacher's Hospital Room

With doctors reluctant to give a prognosis on  Michael Schumacher, a journalist apparently wanted to assess the situation for himself and decided to dress up as a priest to get into the room where Schumacher was lying in a coma. 

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There was good news and bad news for fans of injured race car driver Michael Schumacher on Tuesday. With doctors reluctant to give a prognosis on injured race Michael Schumacher, one journalist apparently tried to get answers for himself by dressing up as a priest in order to get into the hospital room where Schumacher is lying in a coma. Schumacher suffered a serious head injury in a skiing accident over the weekend, and is still in critical condition.

"Apparently a journalist dressed as a priest had tried to gain access to Michael's room," Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm, told journalists on Tuesday. "I wouldn't have ever imagined something like this could happen," she added. The man was escorted off the premises when his cover was blown. 

The good news is that other, more scrupulous reporters, reveal that there are signs of improvement in Schumacher's condition, though they caution that he far from out of the woods. Doctors said Schumacher showed slight signs of improvement on Tuesday after an operation to relieve intracranial pressure, but didn't reveal much more than that. His medical team has been very guarded about his status, saying that they were taking the Formula One legend's health "hour by hour" and were reluctant to give a prognosis for his future. "You can do your best to help Schumacher win this difficult battle by leaving the doctors in peace. We are not hiding anything." Gérard Saillant, a leading Parisian brain surgeon and close friend of Schumacher's told reporters.

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