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Jennifer Lawrence, aware that news is slowing down because it's the Thursday before the week of Christmas, has given us the ultimate in clickbait: she went on Conan and talked about butt plugs. 

Why, you ask, was our reigning celebrity queen of frankness, farts, and falling down while en route to accepting Academy Awards discussing butt plugs? It really doesn't matter, does it? She did, and we are here writing about it, knowing that the words "Jennifer Lawrence" and "butt plug" are internet catnip. (Is "catnip" also a hot keyword term for J-Law coverage? Because that's what Gale calls Katniss in Catching Fire? Better include it anyway.) 

So watch on. Learn what transpired between Jennifer Lawrence and a bag of butt plugs that so delighted Conan and Andy. And God bless us, everyone.

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