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Despite beating around the bush as to whether Wonder Woman would appear in the upcoming, Batman-featuring Man of Steel sequel, Warner Bros. has cast Gal Gadot, an up and coming Israeli actress, in the coveted part. 

Gadot—who was Miss Israel 2004 and a member of the Israeli Army—is perhaps best known for appearing in three Fast and the Furious movies, but aside from that she's not broadly known, so choosing her is more along the lines of choosing Henry Cavill for Superman as opposed to, say, Ben Affleck for Batman. Perhaps that's for the best: because Gadot is not well known, it will make it hard for the crew to face some of the handwringing that came with the announcement of Affleck's part in the franchise. Variety broke in November that she was being considered for the part. 

Wonder Woman, of course, is a character that fans have longed to see on the big screen even though adaptations of her story have long lingered in development hell. Even though she'll likely be third fiddle in a movie that is known as Batman vs. Superman, just getting her on screen is a step in the right direction. 

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