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Days before she thrilled millions of fans with a surprise album release, Beyoncé thrilled a single, terminally ill fan by granting the child's dying wish: a dance with Queen Bey in concert. The camera-ready moment took place at the singer's Dec. 6 tour stop in Las Vegas, and a video account has just surfaced via Beyoncé's YouTube page.

"They found an inoperable tumor on her brain, and her dying wish was to dance with Beyoncé," a Philanthropy Program Partnerships representative explains in the video, introducing the child, Taylon. "Her thought that will forever stay with me is, 'Since I'm here I might as well live.'"

Naturally, Beyoncé dances with Taylon onstage to the tune of Destiny's Child's thematically fitting "Survivor." In seconds, the cancer patient is brought to tears. Here's the video, which should be touching enough to soften any grinches still grumbling about the cost of Batkid.

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