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Film critic David Ehrlich let loose with his Top 25 Films of 2013 video compilation today, unofficially kicking off the unofficial Year-End-Montage Season. 

Ehrlich, critic for and Fighting in the War Room podcaster, put the video together as part of the year-end movie ranking bonanza. This is a fun time of year for people who are into both movies and ranking things -- rest assured, The Wire will be presenting their Best of 2013 selections in the coming weeks -- and the video compilation concept manages to combine all the fun of a movie trailer (including some slick and unexpected music pairings) with all the prestige of the best films of the year. YouTuber Matt Shapiro produced what remain two of my favorite ever year-end compilations in 2008 and 2010, due in large part to their music selections. (I may have even fumbled together a compilation myself last year, who's to say?)

Below, you can find Ehrlich's Top 25 video, including a #1 citation for everyone's favorite threequel.

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