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The first trailer for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel introduced us to a story of a hotel concierge, his lobby boy, and an old lady who dies. The second is far more confusing, but equally delightful. 

The trailer, very explicitly, introduces us to the "cast of characters." Hence, the members of the cast are quite literally introduced with title cards displaying both the actors' and characters' names. Each reads a single line, most of which taken out of context are basically nonsensical. The best? Bill Murray, doing his finest Abbott and Costello: "Tell no one, he'll explain everything." 

We've had sort of a boon of Grand Budapest Hotel related marketing as of late. Yesterday, Vulture revealed  a poster that also highlights the absurd collection of personalities Anderson has dreamed up for this go around. Hi, Léa Seydoux, who does not appear in the trailer. 


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