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In the lead up to new season of House of Lies Showtime filmed the show's cast doing long form improv, which got us thinking: what other TV show casts would we like to see asking the audience for a non-geographic location? 

Improv—even with incredibly skilled performers—is often a risky endeavor, and throwing improv newbies (like, in the case of House of Lies, Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle) into the water is even more treacherous. Still, we don't want to see a bunch of comedy veterans a la the Parks and Recreation cast try this out (what's the challenge in that?), we're interested in tapping unrecognized potential. 

Masters of Sex:  For a pretty straightforward drama, there's a lot of untapped comedy potential here. Michael Sheen is dour as William Masters, but he has the potential to be zany. (See: Wesley Snipes.) Lizzy Caplan's comedy chops have already been proven by the likes of Party Down and Mean Girls. Plus! Allison Janney is a recurring guest star. Invite her, and this thing could be gold. 

The Voice :Something tells me that Adam and Blake would be down for this. Plus, who doesn't want to see Christina Aguilera do her best, "yes, and..." 

 The Carrie Diaries :Something tells me this would be like watching the theater kids in your high school do improv, if those high school kids were really, really good looking and particularly charming. 

Orange Is the New Black :Lauren Lapkus, who appeared in the House of Lies improv gig, could show up again for the Orange Is the New Black show. She's a delight. The Orange cast is fearless—peeing on the floor, and the like—and if they can put that boundless energy into some fierce, feminist improv we're on board.

Game of Thrones: If you've seen their experiments on Vine, Arya and Sansa Stark (Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner) are IRL two outrageous gals. Peter Dinklage uses his sass on the show, but can also let loose. See: Peter Drunklage. Meanwhile, Jamie Lannister will grow man boobs in an upcoming feature film. How fun would it be to see these guys shake off their medieval fantasy garb? 

While we wait for these to get sorted out, watch the House of Lies improv below. 


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