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Following actor Paul Walker's death over the weekend, Universal Pictures is trying to figure out how to balance the sensitivity of the situation with the half-completed Fast & Furious 7. The film, initially planned for release in July, will likely be pushed back following the actor's death, and the filmmakers are still trying to figure out precisely how to address the loss.

According to The New York Times, "To finish Fast & Furious 7 in time for a planned July 11 release, the company has been operating under an aggressive, little-room-for-delays production schedule. Filming is still only half finished, unusual for a movie of this size so close to release."

Considering the next installment was planned as Universal's biggest release in 2014 (the this May's most recent sequel netted more than $800 million altogether), director James Wan and Universal also need to figure out how to address the similarities between Walker's death and the cartoonish vehicular mayhem that the Fast & Furious movies specialize in.

It's unknown how much of the film has already been shot, although The Hollywood Reporter's sources say that the majority had been completed. The crew was scheduled to film additional scenes in Abu Dhabi next month.

While the franchise has morphed Walker's character from leading man to member of a larger ensemble over six films, his absence would be hard to miss. On Facebook, co-star Vin Diesel finally broke his silence on the matter Monday night.


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