Ellen's First Oscar Promo Features, No Surprise, Dancing

The first TV promo for the Ellen DeGeneres-hosted Oscars is a tone-setting affair, and that tone is: dancing. And earnestness. 

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Promos obviously aren't the best indication of how a live event is going to turn out, but they can set the tone. So if the first promo for Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars are any indication there will be dancing. Okay, duh.

The promo, set to Fitz & The Tantrums' "The Walker," was directed by The Heat's Paul Feig and features a tracking shot of Ellen, in a tux, lip-syncing as other tux-wearing dancers join her on a soundstage. So what does it say about Ellen's Oscars? Looks like they'll try to be fun but also completely earnest. Compare that to Seth MacFarlane's promos last year, in which he delivered a series of smug one-liners. ("That's not how you spell douche.")

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