A Definitive Ranking of All the 'Anchorman 2' Cameos

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is chock full of celebrity cameos, even moreso than the first one. How good are they? We've got a definitive, spoiler-laden ranking.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is chock full of celebrity cameos, even moreso than the first one. How good are they? We'll rank them for you.  If you want to be completely surprised—and have somehow missed the fact that some of these were happening—we'd recommend not reading further. 

Many of the cameos in the movie occur during its final-act battle scene between various news teams, a callback to a similar cameo-jammed set piece in the first movie. But whereas the actors playing members of competing news teams in the first movie were mainly from the world of comedy, director Adam McKay and his crew got a more diverse bunch of celebrities to participate this time around.

(Note: we have chosen to exclude the likes of Greg Kinnear and Kristen Wiig, who appear in this movie, but whose parts are too big to be considered truly cameos.)

15. Vince Vaughn: Vaughn is back as rival anchor Wes Mantooth. We all knew this was coming. Moving on.

14. Sacha Baron Cohen: Unless he can make up for The Dictator, his presence is really not welcome anywhere, even as an employee of the BBC.

12-13. Jim Carrey/Will Smith: Carrey and Smith just don't make much of an impact as the representatives of a Canadian news team and ESPN, respectively. They are just there for star power.

11. Fran Lebowitz: Wait, no, sorry, this was in The Wolf of Wall Street. 

10. Paula Pell: The SNL/30 Rock alumna screenwriter is underrated in almost everything. She's also underrated on this list, but unfortunately, her screaming woman who is very upset when Ron suffers an ice skating mishap doesn't register quite enough to be higher.

9. Liam Neeson: It's nice to see something wherein Liam Neeson isn't scowling or chasing after someone who's been kidnapped. Still, that's not enough to get his History Channel anchor better placement on this list.

8. Kirsten Dunst: Having read her emails, we're pretty sure Kiki is a goddess, so this cameo (as an actual goddess) is significant.

7. John C. Reilly: Reilly—basically one of the Ferrell/McKay crew—wouldn't rank so high if he weren't playing the ghost of Stonewall Jackson, who for some reason participates alongside the History Channel in the battle. But he is.

6. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey: Your Golden Globes co-hosts play members of an entertainment news team. They didn't do anything special, they are just Amy and Tina, being awesome.

5. Will Ferrell's kids: They do an unsurprisingly great job heckling their dad as Burgundy during an early scene. It's not an obvious cameo which makes it all the better. "They had begged," Ferrell said over the weekend.

4. Harrison Ford: With what amounts to a small role moreso than a cameo, Ford is more animated here than he was for the entirety of Ender's Game. We'll therefore give him the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact that he already played the role of a cranky news veteran in Morning Glory.

3. Kanye West: Kanye actually dedicates himself to this thing—he's representing MTV in the anchor battle—and seems to enjoy it. For sheer and unexpected commitment, Kanye ranks highly.

2. Drake: Drake apparently really wanted to be in this movie and ended up getting the first line. "His agent, for the last year, was calling saying, 'Hey, Drake's in concert if you want to go,'" McKay said at the junket this past weekend. "I am like 'I've got two kids, I'm not going to go to a Drake show.' Finally, towards the end, the agent's like, 'Is there anything he could do?' I'm like 'I'm sorry we don't have any roles we have a one line part but he wouldn't want to do that.' They were like, 'He'll do it." Drake's many years of acting on Degrassi: The Next Generation really helped him out here. Plus, points for persistence.  

1. Marion Cotillard: Somehow, Marion Cotillard's presence in this film was the most surprising cameo. "I think she did ask," McKay said. "I think her agent actually said she'd do something." An Oscar winner very much not known for comedy hamming it up as the French-speaking anchor for a Canadian news team? Sign us up. Let's build a spinoff around her. 

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