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Josh Gad will be in a Gilligan's Island movie. Here's who should play everyone else on that fateful three-hour-tour. 

Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. reported that Warner Bros. is working on bringing the 60s TV series to the big screen. Gad,  best known for his work in The Book of Mormon on Broadway, is attached to the project. Fleming cautions that it's not clear who Gad is playing, but his happy/goofy/doofy humor seems like a natural fit for Gilligan. (If Gad is in fact playing the Skipper, Justin Long has to be Gilligan, right?) Before you gripe about how Hollywood has no new ideas, let's—for sentimental reasons—cast the rest of this movie. 

The Skipper - John Goodman Who better to play the at-the-end of his wits Skipper than the perpetually volatile character actor John Goodman. (Bonus: Goodman's already familiar with the role, after playing the Skipper on an episode of Roseanne.)

Mary Ann - Zooey Deschanel Mary Ann was more adorable than adorkable, but why not update the part with "new girl" Deschanel? 

The Movie Star - Christina Hendricks  A smokin' hot redhead? One Joan Holloway, coming right up. 

The Professor - Andrew Garfield The professor was always dorky, yet magnetically attractive. Garfield already does this as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but this role would allow him to play his real age which is more 30 than teenager. 

The Millionaire and His Wife - Edward Hermann and Kelly Bishop We just want to see this Gilmore Girls pair—they played moneyed Connecticut elite Richard and Emily Gilmore—back together. 

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