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Who cares about the Golden Globes nominations? The reason to watch is most obviously Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who have begun their promotional tour for the gig and are as charming as ever. 

There's a specific sort of joy that comes along with watching Amy Poehler and Tina Fey doing something even that something is a simple TV spot for NBC. NBC rolled out the first clip  during live The Sound of Music broadcast last week. It featured Poehler and Fey's singing skills and a dig (maybe?) at big Neil Patrick Harris-esque opening numbers.  

Then, yesterday, NBC released two more featuring Fey's love for Poehler and some erratic dancing. They are swell.  

We have no reason to assume this will be anything but excellent with these two at the helm. Their "we're the best" offensive has also included a stint guest editing an issue of Entertainment Weekly. Poehler's suggestion for how to cover Kanye and Kim included telling a story about having a panic attack in a movie theater bathroom during a screening of I Am Legend. See, she's just like us.  

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