'Winter's Tale' Trailer Makes You Feel the Love, Taste the Time-Travel

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Mark Helprin's 1983 novel Winter's Tale is one of those books forever tagged with the "unfilmable" label, but Akiva Goldsman's attempt is on display in a new trailer. 

The novel is a sprawling, time-traveling, fantastical thing (it features a flying white horse!), which Benjamin DeMott in the New York Times at the time called "utterly extraordinary." The task of adapting such an unwieldy work goes to Oscar-winning screenwriter Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind), who, in addition to writing the script, will be making his feature-directing debut. 

From the looks of this trailer, the movie is obviously being pegged as a romance-fest, what with its Valentine's Day release date, looks of longing between dreamy-eyed Colin Farrell and his dying love Jessica Brown Findlay (R.I.P., Downton Abbey's Sybil), all scored to the soaring wail of Adele-ish British chanteuse Birdy.  

In short, the trailer looks like high schmaltz, despite its excellent cast (Russell Crowe! Jennifer Connelly! An out-of-sight-thus-far Will Smith!) and source material. But what better place for high schmaltz than mid-February at the movies? 

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