'The Wind Rises' Trailer: Miyazaki's Farewell

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There's a wistfulness to the domestic trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises, which is clearly being sold as the final masterpiece of the seminal animator. 

There's no dialogue in this trailer, posted by Deadline, but there are wonderfully beautiful images of flight and landscape. The film about Jiro Horikoshi, the man who designed the Zero fighter plane used in World War II, but Miyazaki is a pacifist, and the movie also incorporates the story of poet Tatsuo Hori. Still, Brooks Barnes of the New York Times reported that the film is controversial for a variety of reasons. In Japan, Miyazaki's peaceful vision has been the subject of a nationalistic backlash in Japan, while in South Korea he was critiqued for praising Horikoshi, who was responsible for Japanese militarism. Barnes notes there's concern in America over smoking and wartime imagery in the film, which received a week-long qualifying run for the Oscars this month, but won't open until February in the U.S.  

The trailer, however, makes a big deal of the fact that Miyazaki announced his retirement—for real this time—earlier this year, hoping viewers will come out, if for no other reason than to honor the master.

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