Who Will Direct the Ten Commandments Miniseries?

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WGN America — with the help of The Weinstein Company — is coming out swinging in the event series department with a 10-part (ha!) telling of the Ten Commandments. The catch, according to Nellie Andreeva at Deadline? Each installment will be directed by a different "A-list" director. The segments will, per Andreeva, focus on "one commandment and its evolving significance." 

The project seems to be jumping on the heels of History's immensely successful The Bible miniseries, but it's also definitely aiming for a more awards-bait-y vibe. In addition to The Weinstein Company's involvement, the series will be executive produced by Bruce Cohen, who won an Oscar for producing American Beauty.

Surely, Cohen's influence might sway some of the high profile directors he's worked with to join in. Cohen produced Tim Burton's Big Fish, so might we get Burton's wacky take on "thou shalt have no other gods before me?" Or might Cohen's collaboration on Milk with Gus Van Sant yield a thoughtful "thou shalt not kill?" Cohen worked with David O. Russell on Silver Linings Playbook so he can do the "shalt not covet" commandment, and American Beauty was basically "thou shalt not commit adultery" so Cohen's connections with Sam Mendes have to make that happen, right? 

There are so many possibilities here for a film event that could be big for WGN America, which so recently got into the scripted series business. 

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