Wes Anderson's Prada Film Is a Delightful Wes Anderson Trip to Italy

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Wes Anderson is doing his thing in a new short film for Prada, a perfectly wonderful, nearly eight-minute long jaunt to Italy.

Anderson puts his love of vintage art direction to good use in his short tale of a racecar driver (Jason Schwartzman, of course) who crashes in a small town, which happens to be where his ancestors are from. It's all washed in vibrant color, with Schwartzman speaking that familiar stylized Anderson dialogue, while everyone else speaks Italian.  

Of course, Anderson is not new to directing commercials, and they all have his unimpeachable stamp on it. Perhaps the best, in our opinion -- and in the opinion of AdWeek -- is the work he did for American Express, a meta-commentary on moviemaking that also featured one Jason Schwartzman. 

In short, it's a better advertorial outing than Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson mooning over each other for Martin Scorsese and Dolce & Gabbana

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