Wes Anderson Could Make 'SNL' Dreams a Reality with Violent Animated Film

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Last month, in honor of Halloween, Saturday Night Live envisioned a Wes Anderson horror movie, but parody might not be that far off from reality. 

Okay, so Anderson's next venture is not exactly The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders, but Anderson did say that he's been working on an idea for an animated film with some, well, dark tones. "We have been talking about an animated film together but as we work on it, we are struggling as it’s becoming increasing violent, depressing and inappropriate for youngsters so probably won’t get funded," Anderson said according to Screen Daily via The Playlist.

Alas, he's probably right about the funding problem, but we would definitely be into seeing Anderson's "violent" and "depressing" animated vision. One of the reasons the SNL sketch worked so well is that Anderson's work often is not quite as cheery as it appears—(say, the suicide attempt in The Royal Tenenbaums, the death of the dog in Moonrise Kingdom, etc.)—so you could see what his version of horror might look like. Hence, we're still holding out for this project, which we can only assume has a stop-motion mouse with a bloody knife. 

Anderson also revealed that his upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel does not, in fact, take place in Budapest. "It’s set in an invented country that is part Czechoslovakia, part Hungary, part Poland," he said. Okay, Wes. 

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