Watch Make-A-Wish Turn San Francisco Into BatKid's 'Gotham City'

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The whole world is tuning in to one of the most elaborate Make-A-Wish scenarios ever seen, as the city of San Francisco has turned into Batman's Gotham City and made a 5-year-old cancer patient into a superhero. The Make-A-Wish Foundation enlisted more than 7,000 volunteers, including local police, city officials, and the news media to help a young boy named Miles transformed himself into Batkid and San Francisco into Gotham, for a day of adventure including some heroic "rescues." Miles' little brother is filling in as Robin, and his dad is playing the larger sized Batman.

Citizens and friends have come out to cheer him on and many more folks are following along on Twitter, via the #SFBatKid hashtag and a couple of accounts set up just for the show. Make-A-Wish put together a stunningly large production for Miles, including "battles" with Batman's notorious enemies the Riddler and the Penguin, a couple of "damsel in distress" rescues, and a trip to the mayor's office to receive the key to the city.

Even the President is involved:

Live Updates:

5:32 ET: An excited Miles raises his fist in strength to the crowd, standing next to Mayor Edwin Lee.

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Miles also received a key to the city from Lee. Another key tomorrow will be made of all chocolate. This one, sadly, will not be.

5:18 ET: Batkid fans for days at City Hall.

Among those fans? President Obama. "Way to go Miles. Way to save Gotham."

5:10 ET: City Hall, it's time to rejoice. Miles, his little brother Robin, Batdad, and others are up on stage, ready to accept the key to the city and plenty of San Francisco's love.

5:05 ET: The Department of Justice is getting in on the act now, too. Here's an official-looking indictment, straight from the U.S. Attorney's Office of Northern California, charging the Riddler and The Penguin with multiple counts of conspiracy, kidnapping, and threatening to put a smile on our face. 

4:51 ET: If you've tried to follow the #SFBatKid hashtag today, you might have noticed things moving a little too fast. According to Seen, a site that tracks Twitter photo campaigns, over 8,500 pictures have been tweeted along with the #SFBatKid hashtag.

4:45 ETRemember those big crowds we showed you earlier? Well, they are getting bigger down at City Hall, where Batkid will finish his tour of Gotham, as Comcast SportsNet's Brodie Brazil tweeted.

4:40 ET: Ami Arad, the owner of a Wingtip store where the Riddler's "robbery" took place earlier in the day, sends along this photo of Batkid taking down his dastardly plot.

4:32 ET: Batkid gave high-fives through the crowd as he walked down to the field. And when presented with some Giants swag, he couldn't help but smile.

4:24 ET: Batkid has saved the Giants' mascot from the Penguin, and MLB filmed the whole thing live. While onlookers chanted "Batkid! Batkid!," Lou Seal lifted up Miles and gave him a big hug and kiss.

4:02 ET: The Penguin has captured Giants' mascot Lou Seal, and Batkid is on his tail. The chase is heading over toward the Giants home of AT&T Park, and the Make-A-Wish Bay Area Twitter is hot on its tail.

3:39 ET: His next stop is to save the MLB's San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal, from the grasps of the Penguin. He seems to be okay for now.

3:28 ET: ABC7 News helicopter showed massive crowds in the San Francisco streets waiting for Batman.

And here's the view from the ground, from jtkalcich via Youtube. All the commotion is making street traffic very slow, Crowd Companies' Jeremiah Owyang points out.

Of course, even superheroes need their food, and Batkid and his larger companion took a break for lunch at the Burger Bar.

Miles is being driven around the city in two custom Batmobiles, each emblazoned with their own Batman symbol. Plus, a police escort.

The event even brought out some specially-made Twitter accounts, such as The Penguin's San Francisco account, which posted the photo below:

But Batkid was quick to the scene to save the day.

KRON TV mapped out the full feel-good itinerary last night:

The day began with the San Francisco Chronicle's front page transformation into the Gotham City Chronicle, sticking Miles to the top of the edition. The author of the article? None other than his jealous D.C. rival, Clark Kent.

Because of intense demand, the Chronicle will reprint the Batkid special edition in tomorrow's paper, too.

San Francisco didn't totally transform into Gotham, though. For Miles, the day ends with a key to the city made of Ghiradelli chocolate, a local non-comic book favorite. Why be so serious when you can enjoy Miles' smiles?

(Top image of Batkid and Batman from Patricia Wilson via Twitter. Image of Batkid from AP. Image of Batmobiles from ABC News. Image of Batmobiles from ABC7 News.)

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