The Wahlbergs Are Becoming Reality Stars

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Today in casting (and other Hollywood news): Mark and Donnie Wahlberg give themselves a reality show, Stevie Nicks will guest on American Horror Story, and there's word about the next big thing.

Interesting. The brothers Wahlberg, Marky and Donnie, have cast themselves on a reality show. They've just sold a series to A&E — what, A&E wasn't going to buy it, wasn't going to greenlight it? — about their Massachusetts restaurant, Wahlburgers. Yes, the Wahlbergs have a restaurant called Wahlburgers. A third Wahlberg brother is the chef. So the show will offer a look at the ins and outs of running a restaurant, and expanding a franchise — a second Wahlburgers is set to open in Toronto. The show will also feature the real Johnny Drama, the inspiration for the operatically pathetic Entourage character, and the Wahlbergs' mom. So that actually sounds fun! Why not? The Wahlbergs have a restaurant and they want us to see it. Sure. That's fine. I'll probably stop by and say hi. Via the television, of course. I'm not about to drive to Hingham. Come on. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Is Stevie Nicks a witch? Many think so. There have been whispers and rumors (and Rumours) and of course she dresses like she dresses and has wild hair like she has wild hair, so it's pretty reasonable to think that Stevie Nicks is a witch. Plus there was this troubling news story. So we've reason to suspect! Reason enough that Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Coven made a joke about Nicks being some kind of grand high witch in a recent episode. And now, as if a beautiful spell has been cast, Ms. Nicks will be appearing on the show. We know this because of a tweet and so only have a few characters' worth of information, but the common thinking is that she'll have scenes with Lily Rabe's character, who is obsessed with Stevie. So that is pretty exciting, yes? Last season, a lot of that show's stunts were annoying — Adam Levine, ugh — but this season? They're fun. Fun season, show. Well done. And welcome, Stevie. If you need a fourth to help call the corners, let me know. [Variety]

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"Little-Known Actor Mulls 3 High-Profile Film Offers" says the headline. Which, hey, it is accurate. But it's still pretty funny. Little-known is a relative term, I guess. This actor is not little-known to, say, casting agents, it would seem! Seems like casting agents know this actor very well. His parents hopefully know him pretty well, too. But yeah, to us, the lay people out here in the anonymous jumble of Nowheresville, he is little-known. The actor in question is a 22-year-old named Travis Tope — what a name! — who is up for roles in Mark Wahlberg's Welcome to Wahlburgers The Gambler, in Jason Reitman's adaptation of a young adult book, and some dumb movie with g.d. Chloe Grace Moretz. Wow! Everyone wants Travis Tope. "Get me Tope." - Every executive in Hollywood right now. Have you heard about Tope? Tope's the word. Everyone's sayin' Tope. Forget it Jake, it's Topetown. Not little-known for long! [The Hollywood Reporter]

This isn't exactly casting, but whatever: YouTube star Shane Dawson has, with two other writers, sold a show to NBC. It's based on Dawson's life, particularly the period when he worked at a Jenny Craig weight loss center. Which, great. It's happening, folks. Joey Graceffa was on Amazing Race. Grace Helbig is in Lowe's commercials. All those years ago lonelygirl15 was on Greek. And now this. Pretty soon Troye Sivan (who's already been in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) will be starring on some teen soap and Caspar Lee will appear opposite Zoella in some romantic comedy. The YouTubers will take over the world and there will be nothing we can do about it. Now, mind you, if the Harries twins want to stop by and bother me for an evening, I have no problem with that. But y'know, there are limits. Lines to be drawn. All that. [Deadline]

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