The Terrifying Animatronic Baby that Was Almost in 'Twilight'

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The Twilight series final installment almost featured possibly the most horrific thing to ever grace the silver screen: an animatronic baby that was supposed to be the preternaturally intelligent daughter of Bella and Edward but ended up looking like a swamp creature come to steal your dreams. How creepy is this baby? Take a look.

Tales of the baby have been around since before the film came out, but now footage has been released of it the monstrosity in all of its terrifying glory. The idea, ostensibly, was to use the puppet to give the character of Renesmee the supernatural traits of a half-human, half-vamp. But the end product was so ghoulish that the thing was deemed Chuckesme, because of its resemblance to killer doll Chucky. Yeah, this thing looks like it's going to kill you. See its murderous intent upon actress Nikki Reed. 

Note now it grabs her face, ready to strike. 

Eventually the crew decided that this mechanical demon was just too damn creepy, and it was replaced by a real baby whose face had been CGI'd. That effect was still pretty creepy, but not as creepy.  Just imagine this scene with the puppet...

It would have been creepier than the dancing baby in Ally McBeal...

Perhaps even creepier than the unseen baby in Rosemary's Baby...

It would have been the worst. 

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