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Today in show business news: We have one confirmed cast member for the new Star Wars movie, Ender gets a new game, and Lake Bell and Simon Pegg are hooking up.

After tons of speculation about J.J. Abrams's hotly anticipated Star Wars Episode VII, we finally have at least one answer. One solid bit of casting news: R2-D2 will be in the movie and, presumably, will be played by R2-D2. I mean, who else would be playing R2-D2? Manny from Modern Family? Pfft. No, this was always R2's role if he wanted it, and it looks like he's accepted it. I wonder what his quote was. I mean, he's very famous, but he also hasn't worked in a while. Like, eight years? That's a long time. Not Terry Malick long, but long. And R2-D2 is no Terrence Malick. He only does the one thing! OK, fine, Malick only does the one thing too, but it's different. The point is, it's great that R2 will be in the new movie, but I'm just curious how they got him back. And, hm, what's that? The character of R2-D2 will likely be done with computers this time as he was in the last three Star Wars movies, so this whole joke doesn't really hold water? Fine. Whatever. Enjoy your R2. In whatever form he is. [Deadline]

Speaking of space movies, the little gay kid from Ender's Game (he was gay, right? That was Orson Scott Card's intention, to make a gay hero? I mean his name's Ender), Asa Butterfield, has landed a role opposite Clive Owen in a movie called King of the Kastle. The film is about "a middle-aged philanderer [who] is blackmailed by a teenager." I'm just assuming here, so don't quote me, but I think that Butterfield will play the teenager while Owen will play the middle-aged philanderer. Though, Jacki Weaver is also in the cast, so maybe she's the middle-aged philanderer. Whatever the case is, I'm glad they used that "k" for "Kastle," because if the movie was King of the Castle I think people would get confused between that and what they call me at the weekly TV trivia thing I go to, alone, where I frequently win because of my deep knowledge of, and love for, ABC's hit detective series Castle. If Richard Castle did it, I know it. If Kate Beckett said it, I can say it too. I can give you a thorough synopsis of every episode, from S02E12 "A Rose for Everafter," to S02E16 "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice." I am King of the Castle. Take heed, Butterfield. [Variety]

Comedy darling Lake Bell will star opposite comedy darling Simon Pegg in Man Up, a comedy directed by British comedy darling Ben Palmer. (He directed The Inbetweeners Movie, so I don't know if "darling" exactly applies, but just go with it.) The movie is about "a single woman who is mistaken for a stranger’s blind date — leading to her finding the perfect boyfriend." Hm. Sounds cute. Sure. That sounds like exactly the kind of movie that Lake Bell would do. I suppose we're to assume that Simon Pegg is the perfect boyfriend? Only one way to find out! (This item has been sponsored by Studio Canal's Man Up.) [Variety]

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