Sir Patrick Stewart Explains That Lobster Costume, Rob Ford

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Sir Patrick Stewart stopped by The Daily Show last night and explained his delightful Halloween costume. "You, more than almost any of the other actors or people in public, seem to enjoy life to its fullest," Jon said, before cutting to the infamous lobster in a bathtub photo. 

Patrick gave the blame (or credit) to his wife Sunny Ozell:

We were going to a Halloween party and I had explained to her that I'm an actor. We don't put on costumes. We leave that to civilians because we spend our days wearing costumes. No. No costumes. Well, she... found this thing online, she sent out for it, she took it out of the box and showed it to me. I had to put it on. And I have to come clean and say it was a musician friend of hers—you know, musicians, well—who said, you gotta put him in the bath. 

And somehow he related that back to the news. If Patrick Stewart in a lobster costume makes people laugh, then he wants to share it, and that's how he feels about Mayor Rob Ford. "Look at the fun we're getting out of him," Patrick said. "Maybe they're not politicians," Stewart said. "Maybe they're comedians, but they actually have bad script writers." Jon was impressed. "Can I tell you what you just did there, Professor X," he said. "You just blew my fucking mind."

"I tape at 6:30 and I just have this utter feeling of like we're going to tape at 6:30, we're going to make a lot of jokes, and at 8 o'clock they're going to be like 'Mayor Rob Ford's heart has exploded,'" Jon said. "That guy needs help." That won't stop him from making fun of Ford, but he'll have "mixed feelings" about it.

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Earlier in the show Jon followed Toronto's most famous recreational crack cocaine smoker, who has "been filming the footage for what we assume will be his upcoming VH 1 behind the music episode," Jon said. After denying that he smoked the drug, Ford finally admitted to it on Tuesday. "'Oh, crack cocaine! I thought you'd asked if I'd... hijacked a plane. Or are there any blacks in Maine,'" Stewart said. "'My hearing is not good, what with all the crack smoking.'"

Then there's latest Ford scandal, the video of him making death threats. "It's clear to me now that he smokes crack to calm himself," Stewart said, but Patrick had another theory. 



(Patrick Stewart as a lobster photo via @SirPatStew.)

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