ScarJo's Unseen Performance Gets a Big Prize in Rome

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Scarlett Johansson's voice-only performance in Her could end up being one of the surprise success stories of this year's Oscar season, and this weekend the actress claimed some bragging rights. 

Johansson won the Best Actress prize at the Rome Film Festival for Spike Jonze's film, in which she provides the voice of a computer operating system and, most unusually, love interest for Joaquin Phoenix's character. Now, looking at the festival's competition lineup, you'll note that Johansson wasn't competing with some of the names who are likely to dominate this coming awards season—no Cate Blanchett or Sandra Bullock in sight—but it's a nice thing to boast about as her campaign moves forward. And there will be campaigning. 

After the New York Film Festival, when whispers of Johansson's deservedness first started, producer Megan Ellison tweeted: "Scarlett is eligible, deserves the recognition, and we are going to campaign for her." 


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