Sandra Bullock Wins the Year

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Today in Hollywood news: Sandra Bullock has been named the year's best entertainer, Elizabeth Olsen is officially an Avenger, and finally 50 Cent and John Cusack are in the same movie. 

Sandra Bullock was the most entertaining person this year. That's what Entertainment Weekly says, anyway. And they would know! It's right there in their name. But yes, they've named her the 2013 Entertainer of the Year, presumably because she was in the big successful hits The Heat and Gravity this year, and not because she, I dunno, was a good dinner party guest at the editor of EW's house or because she's secretly great at juggling, which she does, unbeknownst to us, down on the Santa Monica Pier. I think they mean her movies. Which is fair! Sandra Bullock had a very good year, movie-wise. A well-received blockbuster comedy in the summer, and then a well-received blockbuster thriller/drama in the fall, which might just earn her another Oscar nomination. I mean, who else did that this year? Did anyone? I don't think so, and thus Sandra Bullock wins the year. If you did that this year and were somehow overlooked, please write in or comment below to tell us, but otherwise? 2013 firmly goes to Ms. Bullock. [Entertainment Weekly]

This is odd. Even though Elizabeth Olsen was on The Daily Show last week talking about how she's going to play Scarlet Witch in the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron, Marvel has only just now confirmed that she, and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will be appearing in the film. People already knew this was happening, is the thing, but Marvel hadn't yet made it official for some reason. But now it is. Olsen will be Scarlet Witch and Taylor-Johnson will be her brother Quicksilver. Who knows how big their parts will be, but there you have it. They're officially in. No more rumors, or direct statements from actors on talk shows. The mystery is over. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Jason Patric and John Cusack have joined Bruce Willis in a thriller called The Prince, which is presumably about actors who were huge in the '90s suddenly horrified to find themselves in the year 2013. (Not that Bruce Willis really ever stopped being huge, but just go with it.) Jonathan Schaech is also in it, so that would sort of support the theory. Though, 50 Cent and Rain are also in the movie, and they don't really fit that bill, so who knows. Well, actually, we know. We do in fact know. Deadline says the movie is about "a retired Las Vegas mob enforcer who is forced to return to the city and face his former enemies when his teenage daughter goes missing." Willis was going to play that role, but now Patric is, with Willis in a smaller part. Hopefully Rain and 50 Cent play themselves. Or, actually, hopefully John Cusack plays himself. [Deadline]

Wilmer Valderrama has been cast on Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Til Dawn series that he's making for his El Rey network, an English-language cable channel aimed at a Latino audience. Valderrama will play a mysterious crime lord on the show. It's unclear if he's good or bad, but drug lords don't tend to be good. This could be interesting! From Dusk Til Dawn is a fun movie, so this could be a fun show. And Wilmer Valderrama is... fine. That diss show he had was a little sad, but otherwise, sure. No problem. [Deadline]

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