Russell Crowe Faces a Flood in 'Noah' Trailer

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After talk of a troubled production, Paramount has released the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Noah, the auteur's special-effects-heavy take on the biblical tale. And while the scope of the thing remains a bit too massive to nail down, the trailer comes off as a little silly. 

A distinct departure from Aronofksy's last two films—Black Swan and The Wrestler, which took on the effects of pushing a body to the limit—the Noah trailer is giving off some vibes reminiscent of The Fountain, Aronofsky's critically-maligned time-hopping Tree of Life saga. 

The Noah trailer seems to announce loudly that this is an epic film, with a swirling soundtrack, vast amounts of CGI, and dialogue like, "It begins." Of course, Russell Crowe's line readings aren't the only cause for concern: a report emerged last month that Aronofsky and Paramount were battling over final cut following "troubling reactions" after the movie was screened for religious audiences. 

It's obviously too early to tell with merely a trailer, though between this and Winter's Tale we're wondering if Jennifer Connelly can revive her career via a strict regimen of ridiculous-looking bombast. 

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