Robert Redford Eating Bread Is the Best New York Times Magazine Video

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If you ever wanted to see Robert Redford eat a piece of bread like a turtle, it's your lucky day.

It's become something of an annual tradition that, around the holidays The New York Times Magazine will put out a series of arty, completely self-indulgent, but utterly entertaining video shorts featuring famous actors looking gorgeous.

This year the guiding concept was to feature the stars in short films by acclaimed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, each featuring a line from a notable writer. Some of the lines are more like mini-monologues (like the one Sarah Polley wrote for Oprah) while others are truly bizarre one-liners. The one-liners make for the best videos, with Redford's taking the cake for sheer non sequitur wonderfulness. His video features triumphant music as the camera pans, in stark black and white, over bread and milk, and Redford sharpening a knife. Then, he declares, just before eating: "Actually, I've never really liked tofu." The line was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and Redford delivers it almost halfheartedly. Like, look at me, I'm Robert Redford, I'm like almost too cool for this. It's the best. 

Watch all of the videos here

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