The Redskins Are Very Protective of Their Racist Name

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The Washington Redskins are cracking down on unsanctioned use of its controversial team name among media outlets. This is pretty ironic, considering lots of media outlets have already stopped using the word "Redskins" because of its racist implications.

hail republic redskins nameEarlier this week, Washington football blog Redskins Republic, part of the Ball Hogs Radio Network, changed its name to Hail Republic, thereby removing the offensive part of the football team's name. The change was not made because of the Redskins name controversy, Hail Republic's Doug Ramey wrote, but was made after copyright notices from team officials asked the site to change its name back on October 11, according to The Washington Post.

The Redskins have made a point of forbidding media outlets and unsanctioned businesses from using the name, including asking the Post's 'Redskins Insider Live' to lose the copyrighted name back in 2011. By doing so, though, Washington is only lowering the barriers for websites to ban using the name altogether. Ramey does mention some seeds of discontent within the blog's Washington fan community: "every member of BHRN may not be 100% in favor of keeping the Redskins name," he wrote. The list of outlets refusing to use the name currently includes Slate, Peter King's The MMQB, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others. 

The team did gain some points in Ramey's eyes, though. "The Redskins were very cool with us during this process and all went well during the transitioning," he wrote. So there you go, folks, Washington is totally cool with media outlets not using their name anymore.

(Top image: Washington owner Dan Snyder from AP)

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