Peru Finds Anderson Cooper's Giggles Insulting

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Anderson Cooper's latest giggle fit riled up the Peruvian media a bit this week following a RidicuList segment in which he poked fun at the country's traditional fashion. During last week's Miss Universe pageant, Cindy Mejia wore a stylized version of traditional garb from the Mantaro Valley, complete with baby doll prop, and that seemed to set Cooper off.

"What says Peru more than colorful flowers and what appears to be a plastic, little, old man baby on her shoulder wearing a hat?" Cooper asked. "Can we see that again? I want to see the little old man baby." He then proceeded to giggle for a while and joke about the "man baby" prop, likely not realizing the irony that he was a 46-year-old man laughing about a funny-looking doll on national television.

He continued, “Oh, look, the man baby looks surprised! He’s got his little, little man baby hand right up there in front of his face like, ‘Oh! I’m a little — I’m a man baby from Peru.’”

Accordingly, some Peruvian media has criticized the television anchor for appearing ignorant of the country's customs. Others seem to have brushed it off; Miss Peru's costume was one of a handful of targets for the segment, that also included the exaggerated costume pageantry of Chile and the United States.

This isn't even the first time that Cooper has lost his composure on air during a RidicuList segment. The former host of The Mole previously cracked up after Gerard Depardieu urinated on an airplane and also at Dyngus Day.

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