New 'Sherlock' Trailer Reminds You He's Almost Back from the Dead

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Contrary to what some religious pamphlets may tell you, resurrection isn't actually possible. You'll be shocked to learn, then, that Sherlock Holmes is not dead.

That's the running theme in the latest trailer for the next season of Sherlock, the BBC series slated to return after a two year hiatus on January 9. (The show airs on PBS Masterpiece in the U.S.) When viewers last saw the good detective he was, well, in dire straights. So this trailer wants to remind you he is, in fact, on his way back. 

The new footage opens with a shot of a someone visiting Holmes' very shiny, very convincing grave. But we slowly see the shocked reactions, particularly of Martin Freeman's loyal Watson, as people learn the good detective is still alive. They even give you some handy hashtags to use leading up to January premiere. The final shot shows Benedict Cumberbatch lording over London's streets like a ghost watching from above. 

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