Natalie Portman Western 'Jane Got a Gun' Got a Lawsuit Involving a Gun

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According to a lawsuit, Lynne Ramsay, one-time director of the Natalie Portman-starring western Jane Got a Gun, got a little gun-happy herself on set. Ramsay, the indie director behind We Need to Talk About Kevin and Movern Callar, created a stir in March for abruptly quitting the project and is now being sued by producers. One of the allegations in the suit, provided by The Hollywood Reporter: Ramsay's "generally disruptive" behavior involved pointing "a prop gun directly at a camera and, in turn, at the camera crew before first taking proper precautions."  

In early 2013, it seemed that Jane Got a Gun was a cursed production. After Ramsay left, Jude Law—who had already replaced Michael Fassbender on the project—dropped out as well. Bradley Cooper took over that role but then also abandoned it, leaving it to Ewan McGregor. But it was Ramsay's exit that was the most shocking, despite hers being less of a household name. When Portman and the rest of the cast showed up to shoot in March, they were unaware that Ramsay had gone. 

The current lawsuit now alleges that Ramsay did not complete rewrites to finish the script (which delayed the final budget for the movie) and was "repeatedly under the influence of alcohol" and was "abusive" to the cast and crew. Also, she did not "adhere to proper safety protocol" by wielding a prop gun. The suit also says she made "disparaging statements" to people who were considering funding the film and that her abandonment led to the departure of "a principal actor," costume designer, and more. The producers are seeking, among other things, punitive damages. 

Though the movie is still in the works with Gavin O'Connor on board as director and the Weinstein Company and Relativity distributing it domestically, it's hard to imagine that the final product could live up to the fascinating off-camera drama. 

Update: Ramsay later denied having been served the lawsuit and the allegations contained within it, according to Entertainment Weekly

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