Molly Shannon Finally Makes Her Return

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Today in show business news: Molly Shannon is doing a new pilot, Reese Witherspoon and Nancy Meyers team up, and Robert Pattinson is Benedict Cumberbatch's son.

Well this is good news. Molly Shannon, the nimble SNL player who's turned in wonderful performances in the years since in little-seen fare like Year of the Dog and Enlightened but hasn't done nearly enough, is developing a sitcom with Fox. It's a single-camera comedy about "Fiona (Shannon) who, at the top of her professional career, clashes with her stay-at-home pregnant daughter." Hm. OK. So that doesn't sound like the most thrillingly original concept for a show, but whatever. It's Molly Shannon, she'll figure it out. And the guy who wrote the pilot is the guy who directed Superstar, so they work well together. This is positive news. No matter what. It's Molly Shannon! Returning to us, possibly. Hopefully. Now we just need to get Cheri Oteri back on track and all will be well. Or, actually, Nora Dunn, too. And more Maya Rudolph please. OK, so there is work to be done, but still. Molly Shannon. It's a start. [Deadline]

Reese Witherspoon + Nancy Meyers = Glossy comedy heaven? Producer Scott Rudin hopes so, as Witherspoon is in talks to star in Meyers's next film, called The Intern. It's about a woman who runs a fashion website and, for some reason, hires an old man as an intern. That old man is possibly going to be played by Robert De Niro. The two apparently grow close, but it doesn't sound like it's a romcom or anything. Though, it's hard to tell. It's Nancy Meyers, so there's probably some romantic element somewhere in the movie, but not necessarily between the two leads. Tina Fey was originally supposed to play Witherspoon's part, but she dropped out when the project left Paramount. It's now independently financed and the budget is said to be in the $30 million range, significantly lower than the whopping $85 million Meyers spent on It's Complicated. (Where that money went I don't know for certain, but I've heard from little birdies that a good deal of it went into that home decor-porn production design.) So, good luck everyone! Hope this works out and I'll have a movie to see with my parents next Christmas or something. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Robert Pattinson has been cast in the adaptation of the non-fiction Amazon explorer adventure The Lost City of Z. Bizarrely, he'll be playing Benedict Cumberbatch's character's son. That's weird because the actors are only ten years apart in age. But, oh well, it's the magic of the movies. And one thing that's nice is that by having them play father and son in a movie that means they can't really be shipped together by crazed online fans, which Pattinson and Cumberbatch both certainly have a lot of. I mean, those Internet weirdos would never be so gross as to imply, y'know, incest, would they? Hm? What's that? They absolutely would and have already done so many times for many different pairings? Ah, OK. Well then, carry on you lunatics. What good is decency anymore, anyway? [Vulture]

The CW is going to do a zombie show based on a comic book. Which is ridiculous, because who would ever watch a zombie show based on a comic book? I mean, besides like millions and millions of Americans every Sunday night. What a dumb idea, CW. The show is called iZombie and Deadline describes it as such:

a supernatural crime procedural that centers on a med student-turned-zombie who takes a job in the coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat to maintain her humanity. But with each brain she consumes, she inherits the corpse’s memories, and with the help of her medical examiner boss and a police detective, she solves homicide cases in order to quiet the disturbing voices in her head.

Ohhh. OK. That sounds totally great and normal. A) We get scenes of a young woman reluctantly eating brains, like choking down human brains. So that'll be fun to watch. And B) We get to see her lie to everyone and be like "I just know these mysteries, it's not because I'm eating brains." That won't be awkward at all! Please greenlight this show or whatever the term is for ten seasons. Please. [Deadline]

Ridley Scott wants to direct a movie about the concussion coverups in professional football. So now he's on board with this hideous conspiracy to end football in America as we know it. First Frontline starts yammering away about "troubling facts" like "serious brain damage" and "frequent suicides." Then The Walking Dead starts beating Sunday night football in key ratings demos. And now this! Outrageous. What is America anymore? I really don't know. [Deadline]

Here's a new trailer for the RoboCop remake. It features more shooting, more of the suit, and, excitingly, a little Jennifer Ehle. Yes, your beloved Lizzie Bennet is in RoboCop. And why shouldn't she be?

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