Miley Cyrus Is Allowed to Drink Now

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Finally, after years and years of waiting, Miley Cyrus is allowed to drink alcohol. She turned 21 years old over the weekend, meaning she's now of legal age to drink in the United States, and so finally got a chance to taste alcohol for the first time. She was handed a glass of champagne and took a sip and giggled at the bubbles and said "I'm not sure I like the taste! It's a bit... bitter, maybe?" But she drank the whole glass and then decided she'd try something else so had the bartender make her "something delicious" and she said "Oh this is nice and sweet!" when she tried it and then that was it. She's not sure she likes alcohol, but at least now she's finally tried it. This all happened at her beloved Beacher's Madhouse, where celebrities and strippers alike gathered to welcome Miley into the mysterious world of the drinking class. What an occasion! And just think, soon it will be time for the boys of One Direction and Justin Bieber to become of age and take their first sips of beers and whiskeys and other quaffs. Everyone's getting older! [TMZ]

Miley's party was held after the American Music Awards last night, a ceremony dreamt up by Dick Clark after ABC lost broadcasting rights for the Grammys. True story! Dick Clark was like, "Oh I'll just make up an awards show then," and so he did, and they've survived for forty years. So yeah, they were on last night and everyone was there — Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, One Direction. Which, uh oh! Those last two could be a problem, 'cause Swift and 1D member Harry Styles dated for a while and then awkwardly broke up. But don't worry. Swift, who said "I'm 23 and I have no idea what's going to happen to me" while accepting an award last night, displayed a new maturity by simply walking by Styles and his bandmates backstage without saying our doing anything. No screaming, no crying, no hissing, no gnashing of teeth. She didn't even write a song about it! She just walked by them and that was that. No harm, no foul. So that's good. People growing, people changing. Taylor Swift may have no idea what's going to happen to her, but she can at least handle herself around an ex. Maybe someday she'll be ready to try alcohol too. [Us Weekly]

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I mentioned that Justin Timberlake was at the awards, he won a couple even, but people were super concerned that Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel, was not in the audience cheering him on. Where was she? Was the marriage in trouble? Might she be lost in the woods? Lying face down in the swimming pool? Kidnapped by Brenda Hampton and taken to a reprogramming center so she may be pious once again? People were worried! And, y'know, a few, just a tiny few, were mad at her, saying that it was crazy to leave Justin Timberlake all alone at an awards show. Sensing that there was some kind of controversy mounting, Biel, who was alive and well and not kidnapped or lost in Rustic Canyon or anything like that, took to Twitter to tell the Internet to relax. "I'm watching from home tonight," she explained, which, can you blame her? It was a Sunday night, she'd have to get all dressed up and pose for a million pictures and do all that stuff, and she probably just didn't want to do that. I wouldn't want to do that! I'd much rather watch from home on the couch with some kale chips and a nice Sancerre and then text Justin Timberlake when he won "Woohoo!" or something like that. I mean it's not the Oscars, it's the American Music Awards. Just a thing that Dick Clark made up. That's all. So who really cares? Stay home. Have a glass of wine. Do whatever. [People]

Lady Gaga made a few ripples this month when she announced that she and her manager of six years were parting ways because of "creative differences." And now it turns out that those creative differences were just that the manager, Troy Carter, wanted her to put a few more radio-friendly, pop-hit kind of songs on her new album ARTPOP. But Gaga didn't want that, so they fought, and they split up. The word is that Carter was acting on pressure from the label, but a rep from Interscope told Page Six that that's not true, that the label is perfectly happy with the album. Well of course they're saying that now. The thing's out, it's too late. But I have heard people remark on how non-commercial the album is, so maybe there was some merit to those supposed concerns a few months ago. Whatever the case is, Gaga and Carter are no longer a team, and they will both just have to accept that and move on. Gaga can continue to realize her neo-futurist Weimar dreams, and Troy Carter can... I dunno, go work with Jessie J or something. She probably needs some help, right? [Page Six]

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