The Low Expectations for CBS' 'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff

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The nine-season sitcom staple is officially getting the spin-off everyone knew was coming. And yet, shockingly, the reaction online hasn't been overwhelmingly positive.  

This weekend CBS announced the inevitable How I Met Your Mother spinoff, with co-creators and executive producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays teaming with Up All Night veteran Emily Spivey to write a pilot script. The new show, called How I Met Your Dad, will have a whole new cast of characters, and will simply be a "kindred spirit" to its predecessor. So far there's no indication Ted or Barney will pop up in Dad continuity, either. Some initial reports, like this one from Deadline, said the new characters would be introduced during the Mother season finale. But Thomas shot down that rumor over Twitter. 

Despite the reassurances that existing characters will stay dead after the Mother series finale later this year, the reaction online has not been kind. TV bloggers are less than excited, to say the least, for a hastily turned-around Mother spin-off. While the original show started as a one of the most innovative, critically acclaimed sitcoms of this generation, through nine seasons the show has forfeited a lot of its early positive press. "You know the bored looks on the faces of the two teenagers at the start of each episode of How I Met Your Mother?" asked Defamer's Beejoli Shah, rhetorically. "I’m assuming some sort of witchcraft was involved," writes Uproxx's Andrew Roberts, while trying to figure out why the show is being turned around so quickly. "Or perhaps desperation is the driving force? I mean losing your highest rated sitcom behind ‘The Big Bang Theory’ would make me run to hills for ideas."

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Let's be honest, Dad probably won't work. How I Met Your Mother had a fresh concept at a time when sitcoms were a barren wasteland on television. Friends was cancelled and in its wake nothing rose to replace it. There was trash -- only bad Friends ripoffs and terrible british imports. How I Met Your Mother never reached a Friends-level fever, but it arguably ushered in the next golden age of sitcoms, with shows like New Girl and Happy Endings and The Mindy Project. (Speaking of, The Office's influence should be mentioned here, too.) But Mother also received a boost from two rising, bonafide stars -- Jason Segel and the resurgent Neal Patrick Harris -- to help anchor the show. Odds are Dad won't have that luck. 

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